Math Resources

The computer is a great tool for student learning.  Web-based applications create a great means by which any student can access great learning websites from any location on earth and space.  I hope that you use these sites to create more opportunities for student learning via internet technology.  Enjoy!


Jiji Math

Common Core   Math Playground games based on Common Core.

Math Magician  Nice Timed math facts quizzes.

Multiplication  Free Multiplication games to sharpen your math skills.

Multiplication Websites  Great websites to practice multiplication and division.

Illuminations   This website is sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).  There are many online activities and resources available to anyone.

Billy Bug  This website is great for practicing coordinates.  Billy Bug is for positive x-y values.  Billy Bug 2 includes both positive and negative numbers in the 4 quadrants of the x-y axis grid.

Quiz Hub   Lots of free education links.

Hoodamath.com   Math practice to increase effective understanding and student engagement.

Coolmathgames.com  Math games online.

Mathplayground   Practice word problems and using Part-Part-Whole models to organize your equations.  Great Java script.

Aplusmath Flashcards   An interactive flashcard program that gives both immediate feedback and correction.

Factor Trees   Practice building factor trees for prime and composite numbers.  Very nicely scaffolded.

That Quiz   Math test activities for students and teachers of all grade levels.

Math Games   Math games online, good things here.

Toon University   Includes angles, place value to 100 thousands, multiplying with 10, comparing fractions, and prime factoring.

Math Forum   This is a very popular site with a lot to offer from beginning to college-level math.

Online Math Resources List   Online Math resources and approaches for homeschoolers, this is a good site.

Apples 4 The Teacher   Measuring practice and then some.

Time 4 Learning   Many good math and other lessons.

Hoodamath and the CCSS

Hoodamath 1