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Breakfast In The Classroom

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Breakfast In The Classroom (BIC) Information

The District is embarking on new initiatives to create breakfast opportunities for our students, specifically the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) project. This is a new program pilot LAUSD is implementing at pilot schools to help increase access to breakfast meals to our students. Currently, over 553,000 of our students qualify for a free/reduced price breakfast but only 29% of our total school population participates. With these staggering numbers, LAUSD is looking for ways to increase participation at breakfast. Some of the new innovative projects we looked at are providing breakfast in class, after the first bell or on their way to class. Recent studies have shown that schools who provide an in classroom breakfast or a grab ‘n go type of meal for their students show a significant increase in academic scores, decrease in absenteeism and tardiness and increase in their attention span and focus. These great benefits are what we want for our students.

Breakfast in the Classroom works in a myriad of ways. The meals can be packed at the cafeteria and picked up in temperature controlled bags by the students and delivered to the classrooms. Students would then take a breakfast meal and use the roster attached to sign off if a meal was received. The grab ‘n go process creates an area near the entrance of the school for students to pick up a “grab bag” with a breakfast to take to their class to eat during homeroom or right before class starts. Some other urban school districts such as New York Public Schools, San Diego Unified School District, Washington DC Schools are participating in this great program. Please view the video: click here to view BIC video

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