Three Affimations

Every child desires to hear these THREE affirmations:

  1. You are LOVED.
  2. You make me PROUD.
  3. You are GOOD at ...

Parenting Roles

No matter their age or life stage, your children will always need your love, encouragement, and affirmation.  Let them know it, hear it, and see it!

Live With Integrity

Knowing what is right and actually doing it is the essence of integrity.  We often use the word character to describe a person whose actions are consistent with the attitudes and motives of his heart.  What he builds his life on is expressed in how he acts.  Therefore, live with intergrity, you are the strongest role-model for your children.

Rules Without A Relationship Equals Rebellion

Make sure that you establish a relationship with your child.  Rules are easier to follow when parents have a relationship with their children.  If there is no relationship, children will rebel from the rules you establish.

Tools for Effective Communication


THINK before you speak!

THINK when you speak!







Discipline Plan

Bushnell Way Elementary Discipline Plan    

School Mission


Our mission is to enhance the growth of students, staff, and community through Professional Learning Communities that use content standards, data, differentiation, and collaboration to ensure effective instruction. We strive to educate students to meet the challenges of a competitive, technological, and multicultural society.


Discipline Philosophy

Through our individual actions we affect one another and the quality of our learning community. Providing a safe, supportive, and respectful environment ensures students’ equal access to the curriculum and enables them to achieve to their fullest potential.


Bushnell Way Elementary School has established clear expectations for behavior within the school environment in order to support the learning community. These behaviors fall into the three categories which define Bushnell Way’s philosophy: Safety, Respectfulness, Responsibility. Adherence to these expectations contributes to a positive and effective school community in which children are able to succeed and grow. Please refer to the attached chart of specific rules and expectations.

Instruction in Conflict Resolution

At Bushnell Way Elementary School students regularly participate in violence prevention curriculum, Second Step. Second Step “is a classroom based social skills program designed to reduce impulsive, high-risk, and aggressive behaviors; and increase children’s social-emotional competence and other protective factors.” Students also participate in the drug use prevention curriculum “Too Good for Drugs.” The school has a variety of awards assemblies through which students are regularly recognized for modeling exemplary behavior: being Safe, being Respectful, being Responsible.

Role of School Stakeholders

Teachers: The teachers at Bushnell Way Elementary School must maintain an unwavering commitment to providing a sound educational community for all learners. This commitment includes both comprehensive and effective lesson planning and instruction, and the establishment of a positive classroom environment with clear expectations for student behavior. At the start of each school year, teachers are responsible for establishing, with the input of their students, a clear set of positively stated classroom behavior expectations. Further, they are responsible for establishing and consistently applying a set of clear consequences for behaviors—both positive and negative—in the classroom. Teachers are expected to demonstrate regular focus and attention to developing these behaviors in students. They will provide a model of appropriate behavior, as well as provide explicit instruction in the school expectations on a weekly basis utilizing multiple teaching strategies including, but not limited to, role-play and simulation. Teachers must accept responsibility for guiding the behavior of ALL children within the school setting, not just the children enrolled in their classes. Finally, teachers are expected to communicate with parents and students on a regular basis about student performance and behavior in the classroom, and to document these interactions.

Other School Staff: All other staff at Bushnell Way Elementary School, including administration, coaches, coordinators, paraprofessionals, office staff, and custodial staff are also expected to maintain an unwavering commitment to providing a sound educational community for all learners. To this end, other school staff members are expected to be familiar with the school wide behavioral expectations and must take responsibility for guiding the behavior of ALL children in the school environment in a positive and consistent manner.

Students: Students at Bushnell Way Elementary School are expected to be familiar with all behavioral expectations, both school-wide and in their respective classrooms. Students must take responsibility for their own learning and their behavioral choices. Students must comply with all school staff member requests and make behavioral choices that contribute to their safety and the safety of others. They are expected to abide by these guidelines in all that they do on the school campus in order to create a peaceful and productive learning environment.

Parents: Parents at Bushnell Way Elementary School must be familiar with the school’s expectation for student behavior and related consequences. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive at school each morning in a timely fashion, ready to learn. The school expects parents’ support in reinforcing behavioral expectations, in communicating regularly with their children’s teachers, and in receiving and reading all school related information that is sent home. When consequences for inappropriate student behavior must be implemented at school, parents should follow up at home to be sure the behavior does not reoccur.

Example Behaviors

The following is a list of example behaviors that will result in consequences. All referrals to the office must be accompanied by a referral slip with student’s first and last name. Office referrals serve as a record, and provide data regarding school wide behavior trends. Students will be provided with an opportunity for due process by either writing about or, in early grades, discussing with an adult what occurred during the event.

The following are examples of behaviors that, unless persistent and dangerous, will be addressed in the classroom by the teacher, and if necessary the parent:

·      Name calling, use of bad language including racial slurs

·      Minor fighting or pushing, instigating fighting among others

·      Being disrespectful to adults or other students

·      Congregating for inappropriate conduct

·      Inappropriate clothing (revealing/not dress code)

·      Running in hallways or other areas other than assigned play areas

·      Instigating or spreading rumors

·      Taking others’ belongings

·      Not following directions

·      Talking in class

·      Not completing assigned work


The following are examples of behaviors that are considered major offenses and will result in administrative intervention:

·      Improper touching (sexual)

·      Threatening bodily harm

·      Major fighting (thrown punches or kicks)

·      Selling on campus

·      Defacing school property

·      Weapon on campus

·      Severe harassing or bullying



Addressed By Staff

Low Severity

Severe Persistent
Inappropriate Language Adult conferences with student Teacher note home/or Parent/Teacher conf. Parent conference with Administrator
Minor Fighting (Pushing, Shoving) Adult conf. w/ student; written warning sent home Parent/Teacher Conference Parent conference with Administrator
Disrespectful to adults/peers

Adult conf. w/ student; written warning sent home apology note written to other individual

Parent/Teacher Conference Parent conference with Administrator
Congregating for Inappropriate Conduct Adult conf. w/ student Benched or Note sent home Parent/Teacher conference
Inappropriate Clothing Call home requesting change of clothes Parent/Teacher conference Parent Conference with Administrator
Running in Hallways Verbal warning Benched during play time Teacher/Parent conference
Initiating or Spreading Rumors Verbal warning Teacher note home/ Parent/Teacher conf. Parent conference with Administrator
Taking Others’ Belongings Adult conferences with student Note Home; Parent/Teacher conference Parent conference with Administrator
Not Following Directions Adult conf. w/ student Note Home Parent/Teacher/Administrator Conference
Talking in Class Adult conferences with student Note Home Parent/Teacher/Administrator Conference
Not completing assigned tasks

Adult conferences with student assignments are completed during recess/lunch

Teacher note home assignments are completed during recess/lunch

Parent/Teacher Conference




Addressed by Administration

First Offense

Second Offense or Severe Behavior

Improper Touching (Sexual)       Parent/Administrator Conference       Per District guidelines
Threatening Bodily Harm
Major Fighting
Selling on Campus
Defacing School Property
Weapons on Campus

Severe Harassing or Bullying



Bushnell Way Elementary Behavioral Expectations

Our School Rules:

  Be Safe  

Be Responsible


Be Respectful

  Cafeteria/ Student Dining Room (Rainy Day) Walk

Sit at your assigned table

Keep food to yourself

Wait patiently in line for your food

Clean up all trash

Stay seated until dismissed

Use quiet voices

Follow directions

Keep your hands and feet to yourself


Stay in assigned area

Walk to and from area

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Use bathroom and get water before the bell when the red flag is raised

Bring all equipment needed to the yard

Follow rules of the game

Play fairly

Everyone can play


Flush toilet and wash your hands

Keep your feet on the floor

One person to a stall

Use the bathroom and then leave

Return to your classroom promptly

Conserve supplies (toilet paper, water, soap)

Give people privacy

Keep bathrooms clean


Walk in the hallways

Walk up and down stairs holding the handrail

Watch for opening doors

Go directly to class

Stay out of the hallways unless you need to be there

Use quiet voices

Hold the door for people behind you