Teacher Resources

LAUSD Digital Library: Check out the resources on this site!

Professional Development

CLRN:   Great source to locate supplemental electronic learning resources.

Instructional Technology Outreach: Technology integration and training.

LUCI Math:  Math in the classroom courses for credit. 

TeacherUniverse: LAUSD technology integration for teachers.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

4 Teachers:   Information to help teachers to use the internet effectively.

Apple Learning Interchange: This is a great resource for all teachers.

Internet4Classrooms : Web links, practice modules, and integrating technology support for teachers.

KidPix: Learn more about using Kid Pix in the classroom.

Marcopolo:  Internet content for the classroom

Rubistar: On online rubric generator

TrackStar : Integrate technology into your classroom by creating online lessons with web links and activities.

Lessons Resources

Chase Elementary Teacher Resources:  Download Treasures ELA related material (i.e. sound spelling cards).

Super Teacher Worksheets:  All I have to say is "free" worksheets.  Enjoy!

Exworthy Educational Resources: Lots of topic and grade level resources.

Franklin Institute: Lots of information here.

Gateway: Lesson plans, thematic units, and resources.

GEMS: Great Explorations in Math and Science- LHS supplemental replacement units.

Global Schoolhouse :  Information and resources for lesson plans and units.

PowerPoint Lessons: Power point presentations for content areas.

S.C.O.R.E. Online resources for teachers.  There are many units with standards, organized by grade level and theme.

SDCOE:  Great teacher resources on the web

The WebQuest Page: This is a good introduction to WebQuests with links to examples.

Web Sites for Educators: More information about WebQuests.

Open Court Resources: Grade-level open court resources by Unit. 

Government Education Sites

California Department of Education: State government education site.

California Content Standards for Grades K-12: Grade level standards here.  

KLCS: LAUSD's Public Television Station- educational programming.

LAUSD Nutrition Network:  Get healthy now with good nutrition.

LACOE: LA County of Education site.

U.S. Department of Education: Federal government education site. 

Professional Organizations

California Math Council:  Issues and research in mathematics instruction. 

California Reading Association:  Issues and research in reading and language arts instruction in California.

International Reading Association:  Issues and research in reading and language arts.

National Education Association:  Current topics in public education.

National Council of Teachers of English:   Topics and research in reading and LA. 

National Science Teachers Association:  Teachers of science

National Teachers of Mathematics:  Issues and research in mathematics instruction.