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Bushnell Way


Bushnell Way Elementary is a public, neighborhood school serving about 230 students in the Hermon Community, just north of Downtown Los Angeles.   We provide quality education within a nurturing environment.  In addition to focusing on high academic standards, students learn compassion and respect for diversity. 


Bushnell Way School Vision

All children will benefit from a safe and challenging educational environment with a climate of high expectations to achieve their highest potential in a democratic society.  In order to achieve this vision, we have established the following goals:

  • All children will become good citizens, exhibit self-control, and develop self-esteem.
  • All children will develop cultural awareness by understanding important contributions of people of various ethnic groups.  They will demonstrate tolerance, respect, and appreciation for those of other races and religious beliefs.
  • All children, identified as English Language Learners, will receive appropriate English language instruction.
  • All children, identified as having special needs, will be given the opportunity to succeed by receiving all the resources available at school.
  • All children are expected to: respect themselves, respect others, and respect their school.



Parents and Community members- in an effort to increase our school safety we requested and received from our local district a "buzzer" system installed by the double doors next to the school marquee.  Everyday at 8:15am the small gate will be locked and you will need to use the buzzer to enter the school- push the button located on the device, then wait for a response from the office.  Thank you for your cooperation.