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School Day

School Policies


·      To establish a philosophy of discipline for Bushnell Way School.

·      To create a positive, safe, and healthy school environment.

·      To achieve consistency in discipline from Grades Pre-K – 6.

·      To provide students with clear expectations concerning their behaviors.

·      To increase classroom time-on-task.

·      To improve home-school communications and cooperation for the benefit of our students.


·      To be provided an optimal classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.

·      To have a teacher who will provide positive support.

·      To have a teacher who is willing to help students limit their inappropriate behaviors.


·      To teach in a classroom with an optimal learning environment.

·      To determine and request appropriate behavior from students.

·      To ask for help from parents, the principal, and school resource personnel when a student needs assistance.


·      To be kept informed about their child’s academic and social progress.

·      To be informed about their child’s inappropriate behavior.

·      To conference with the teacher about their concerns.


Good attendance is essential for your child’s learning. Studies show that children do better in school if they attend regularly. Remember that everyday you child is absent from school he/she loses valuable learning time. Additionally, we are working on improving the attendance for all of our students because regular school attendance instills good habits for the world of work.

Please call the school office between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. when your child is not attending school to let us know the reason for the absence and how long you think he/she will be out. When your child is returning after and absence, please send a note to the teacher stating the reason for the absence.

If the absence is due to an injury such as a broken bone or a communicable disease such as chicken pox, we need a release from your doctor stating that your child is able to return to school. Students in casts will not be permitted to play on the playground unless authorized by a doctor.


State Law requires that all children riding bicycles wear an approved bicycle safety helmet. Failure to wear a helmet may result in the confiscation of the bicycle until ownership of an approved bicycle safety helmet is established.


We believe that students should be provided with a quality education in a safe secure environment. Student’s appearance should be neat, clean, and in keeping with the activities at school. In this regard, certain types of clothing and attire have the potential to cause a disruption of school activities and are discouraged.

FOOTWEAR- For safety on our blacktopped playground and apparatus, all children should wear sturdy school shoes. Students are required to participate in Physical Education, as well as, recess and lunch recess activities that include running, hopping, skipping, and jumping. Tennis shoes, athletic shoes (except cleats), or other closed-toed shoes are appropriate because they provide maximum protection and prevent foot injuries. Socks should be worn at all times for health reasons. Students who wear unsafe shoes will not be allowed to play during recess or lunch.

The following is a list of attire that is discouraged:

1.     Overly brief, baggy or tight garments, halter-tops, tube-tops, net-tops, tank tops, muscle shirts or short shorts.

2.     Garments with slogans or pictures promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, or substance abuse.

3.     Any clothing with obscene pictures or messages.

Inappropriate use of clothing, hats, or backpacks will result in their confiscation. Apparel, hats, jewelry, insignia, colors, or paraphernalia that indicate an affiliation with a group or gang which may provoke others to act violently or be intimidated by fear or violence may not be worn on campus


1.     Be courteous, polite, and respectful to all.

2.     Keep the school environment clean and free of graffiti.

3.     Never take anything that belongs to someone else.

4.     Always use good table manners.

5.     Use appropriate language at all times.

6.     Pay attention in class and always do your best work.

7.     Walk quietly in the halls, stairways, and on the ramps.

8.     Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

9.     Do not fight or hurt others.

10.  Do not bring dangerous weapons to school (guns, knives, poppers, firecrackers, etc.).

11.  Do not bring candy or gum to school.

12.  Do not bring toys, trading cards, etc. to school.


Homework should be assigned for a minimum of four days a week. A Monday-to-Thursday schedule is preferable.

Kindergarten 15-20 minutes a day
Grade 1, 2 30-35 minutes a day
Grade 3, 4 35-45 minutes a day
Grade 5 50-60 minutes a day



1.     Line-up for breakfast no earlier than 7:35 a.m.

2.     Only students, supervision personnel and parent volunteers may enter the student cafeteria during breakfast.

3.     Students not eating breakfast at school should arrive at 8:00 a.m. and walk to the Upper-Yard.

4.     Playing or entering the building before school in not allowed.

5.     When the bell rings, students should walk quietly to their classroom specific line-up area.

6.     No student may leave the school campus once they have entered unless accompanied with a release note from the office.


1.     Use apparatus and playground equipment properly at all times.

2.     Play in assigned yards.

3.     “Freeze” when the whistle blows; count to ten, then walk to line-up areas.

4.     Students must use the restrooms and drink water during recess/lunch, not after the whistle blows.


1.     Accept responsibility for your own lunch tickets.

2.     Sit in assigned lunch areas.

3.     Speak quietly; eat politely.

4.     Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

5.     Keep your lunch area clean.

6.     Raise your hand to be dismissed from lunch areas.

7.     Always throw garbage in appropriate containers.


1.     Walk from your classroom your dismissal gate.

2.     Go straight home unless you are staying for the After-School Programs.

3.     Arrange to meet younger brothers and sisters at their dismissal gate or the Upper-Yard pavilion area.

For our student’s safety, when the 3:00 p.m. bell rings, students that have not been picked-up in front of the school must wait at the Upper-Yard pavilion area.


Each classroom will establish its own classroom standards. When these standards are not met, students will face consequences, students may lose recess time, lunch playtime, or be asked to stay after school for ten minutes. If problems continue, parents will be notified. If these consequences do not prove effective, students may be suspended from the classroom or school.


Student of the Month- Awards will be given out each school month to students in grades K-6. This award is given to a student demonstrating exceptional work habits in academics, citizenship, and safety. Parents and families are invited to attend the all-school-assembly.

Perfect Attendance- Awards will be given out each trimester to students who have perfect attendance- not absent or tardy to school. There will be a special reward for classrooms with the highest monthly attendance percentage. Additionally, there will be a special award given to students who have perfect attendance for the entire academic year.