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School Policies

Student Discipline Policy
       The entire staff at Bushnell Way Elementary School has the goal of establishing and maintaining a school environment in which students have the opportunity to learn and feel safe, secure and happy. To accomplish this goal, a school-wide discipline plan has been developed and specifies expected student behavior and procedures for discipline.  The plan specifically states when an administrator is directed to suspend a student based on District Policy.

Encouraged Behaviors

1. Following directions

2. Trying one’s best

3. Being prepared

4. Respectful treatment self and of others

5. Safeguarding school property

6. Personal cleanliness

 Teachers will follow these procedures in maintaining student discipline:

1. Use Second Step Materials to develop social-emotional skills

2. Support and reward appropriate behavior

3. Conference with student

4. Contact parent/guardian regarding the previously discussed problem

5. Have a parent/student/teacher conference at school.

6. Principal/student/parent/teacher conference. (Suspension possible)

LAUSD District Policy directs School Administrators to suspend a student if she/he has:

1. Possessed or sold any firearm, knife, explosive or any other dangerous weapon.

2. Possessed, used, or sold any type of drug or alcoholic substance.

3. Possessed or used tobacco on the school premises

4. Caused, attempted or threatened to cause injury to another person; i.e. fighting

5. Stolen or attempted to steal school or private property

6. Committed any type of obscene or profane act.

7. Disrupted school activities or willfully defied authority or school personnel.