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5507 Bushnell Way

Los Angeles, CA  90042

Phone: 323-255-6511

Fax: 323-255-6343

Panther paws

Students earn Panther Paws daily. Staff members look for students that have positive actions. Keep up the good work Panthers!



Box Tops 4 Education

Box Tops

Uniform Policy

For More information regarding the Uniform Policy, Click Here


Accelerated Reader Awards 2017

Students Reaching Goals

Reading Buddies, a School Wide Event, coordinated by Bushnell Way Librarian Ms. Quimero

L.A.'s Best Science Fair, Experiments and conclusions, group presentations

Morning Assemblies 2017


Awards and recognitions for Students at Bushnell Way

Winning Panthers

Morning Assembly, Try Everything!

The students from Rooms 1 and 6 performed the song, "Try Everything."  The students were second and third graders.  Try everything means to try, don't give up, and persevere.

School-wide P.E. Field Day, October 7, 2016, a day of teamwork

Blankets for Bushnell

Today: 3/27/17

Teachers Awarded Scholarships, Grants

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Bushnell Way teachers are dedicated to the students of our school. Sometimes we are able to do more through grants, scholarships, and donations. Here are a few samples of awards, surely ...more

Parent information for ST Math

LA's Best After school Program


Bushnell Way Elementary School is proud to have the LA's Best program for students! Our program is headed by Site Coordinator, Mr. Luis Bajo. To sign up, please see Mr. Bajo or call the school office.

Bushnell Way Elementary School's Important History in Hermon

Volunteer Safety Valet

We need your help and support.  Bushnell Way is actively looking for parent volunteers to help maintain our successful Safety Valet program.  Please drop by the Main Office and get all the important information you need to help ensure that our families can quickly and safely drop-off their children!

We love books!

Bushnell Way students and staff are very grateful to have received The Wonder of Reading Grant. The grant money was put to excellent use with the renovation/construction of a "Wonderful" library. ...more

Try GoNoodle!

GoNoOdle.com is great to get students active. 

Click here for the link.